2024 Quick Reference Member Information


Check In

 All Members and their guests will be signed in through the IPAD at the front desk.



Children, 6 & Under should be supervised at all times on the playground.

Shoes should always be worn when on the playground or at the Basketball Court.



If you have a child who is a nonswimmer,  you will need to stay within arm’s reach of your child at all times. We do not allow members to rely on floatation devices or Lifeguards when it comes to their child’s safety. Lifeguards are not babysitters.



Each family has three complimentary guest passes each season. Once you have used your 3 passes, additional passes may be purchased for $5/each.  We limit how many times a guest may come to (5) visits. We do not consider babysitters/nannies guests if they are coming in place of the parent.

We also allow short term, out of town family to come without purchasing guest passes up to five times. Please email Amanda Dragan (westmeadeswim@gmail.com) if you have any questions about our guest policy.

**No more than four guests without prior arrpoval.


Adults are welcome to join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 6:15-8 am.



Member Q&A


How old do children need to be to stay unaccompanied at West Meade?

Children must be 10 years of age AND a confident swimmer to stay unaccompanied by an adult or babysitter. If your child is not ready to be left alone at 10, West Meade Swim Club reserves the right to revoke this privilege.

Do babysitters have to be a certain age?

All babysitters for children under the age of 10, must be at least 15 years old.

Where can my family eat?

Food is allowed at the pavilion. No food is allowed on the pool deck.

What forms of payment does the HUT take?

The Hut accepts cash and credit card.

Do you allow outside food to be brought into West Meade?

While your picnic from home is welcome, we do not allow commercially prepared food to be brought into the club.

Are Floats/Toys allowed?

Small floats are allowed in the 5 feet only. We do not allow floats in the shallow end near the steps. Our guards need to have a clear view of our tiniest members. Water guns or other toys that shoot water are not allowed.

Where do I get a basketball?

We have basketballs for the pool and for the court behind the front desk. See a desk attendant if you wish to borrow.

Where do I get Cornhole Bags and Ping Pong Paddles? 

Cornhole bags and ping pong paddles are available at the playground. **Members are welcome to bring their own paddles/balls or bean bags. We would suggest labeling them and keeping up with them.

What are the pool hours? Are they ever altered?

Pool hours are from 10-8 Monday-Thursday, 10-9 Friday/Saturday, and 12-8 on Sunday. There are a few days that the pool will open later due to swim meets. In mid August, we drop our weekday hours to opening at 4 pm. There are a few days throughout the summer that we may close early due to inclement weather/special events, but that will be communicated through email to our members.

Being set back in the trees, does it ever get buggy?

We do have a company that comes in and sprays, but it is not a bad idea to bring bug spray!

Who serves on the Board of Directors? 

Currently serving our West Meade Board for the 2024 season are:

Amanda Dragan-President

Heather Jenkins-Treasurer/Secretary

Lee Thomas-At Large

Tim Hoots-At Large


Are you on Social Media?

Yes! Please follow us!

Facebook @West Meade Swim Club

Instagram @westmeadeswim




Physical Address: 800 Davidson Drive, Nashville, TN 37205   –  Mailing Address: PO BOX 50574, Nashville, TN 37205

Phone Number: 615-356-0073 *Only staffed from opening day through Labor Day

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