Piranha Volunteer Information:

Why do we ask for so many volunteers to run a meet?

Unlike most sports, Swimming relies on volunteers to make a meet happen. Just to host a home meet this season, we will need at least 20 Volunteers.  We REQUIRE parents to work at least THREE sessions PER FAMILY. If you do not meet your volunteer requirements, your family will be assessed $75.00 and your swimmer will be in jeopardy of not being able to join the swim team next season.  

Below are the positions WE MUST FILL AT EVERY HOME MEET. For away meets, we must take timers, Clerk of Course Workers, Computer Table Workers, and Stroke and Turn Judges.  

(1-2) Swim Team Representative: We must have 1-2 Parent Representatives to have a swim season. The Parent(s) Reps successfully execute home swim meets as well as serve as support for our Coaches.

(1) Referee:   *MUST COMPLETE ONLINE TRAINING* The referee is the person in charge of the meet. He or she is the head official on duty. The referee will only be needed at home meets.

(1) Starter *MUST COMPLETE ONLINE TRAINING*  The starter is the official that announces and starts each race. They operate the starting device to begin each race.  They also determine false starts and act as a turn judge. He or she has been trained in the proper starting procedures and will control the start of each event. The starter will only be needed at home meets.

(2) Computer Table/Score keeper: This is for one trained volunteer and one apprentice to tally scores of the swim meet through Swimmingly. We only take one computer table volunteer to away meets.

(2) Stroke and Turn Judge:   *MUST COMPLETE ONLINE TRAINING*  The judge has been trained to recognize legal and illegal motions for each stroke. He or she is also trained to recognize legal and illegal finishes and relay takeoffs. They are responsible for observing the athletes and determining disqualification during the swim.

(6) Timers:  These volunteers stand in groups of two at the end of each lane and use an iPhone to time the swimmers.

(3) Clerk of Course: Makes sure all swimmers are ready to swim by lining up the swimmers by lane number and heat number using the Heat Sheets.  Once the swimmers are in the correct order they escort the swimmers to the lanes and check again to ensure they are still in the correct heat/lane order. At least one volunteer should have prior experience.

(2) Hospitality: Distributes food to volunteers and coaches. This is only needed for home meets.

(1)Heat Winner Ribbons: This volunteer stands at the finish and hands out heat winner ribbons to swimmers. This is only needed for home meets.

(1) Relief Worker/Runner: With one long session, we ask for one relief worker so volunteers can take a break and troubleshoot with the team reps if problems arise.





Physical Address: 800 Davidson Drive, Nashville, TN 37205   –  Mailing Address: PO BOX 50574, Nashville, TN 37205

Phone Number: 615-356-0073 *Only staffed from opening day through Labor Day

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